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Port…in all its flavors!

Port…in all its flavors…is something we feel more people would enjoy if they knew a little more about it.  On a personal level, I know when I first started pushing the boundaries of the legal drinking age, I enjoyed tawny port whenever the opportunity presented itself. (Actually, truth be known, I still do!)   Over the decades my wisdom and my taste both grew.  I certainly cannot justify drinking outside the legal limits, but I can justify expanding one’s knowledge of what is available to drink.  :-)

Most people that are familiar with port have probably tried tawny primarily as a dessert companion.  And to that end, it suits many occasions.  It’s smooth, caramel taste and (relatively) low alcohol blend fabulously with apple pie, creme brule’…I have to stop due to excessive mouth watering.  But you get the idea.

However, as with so many things in life, one choice is simply no choice.  First, as most of you are (sometimes sinfully) aware, there are oh so many chocolate choices for dessert!  Why not step up a notch and try a Vintage Port as an accompaniment?

Ok…I’m wandering all over the place.  Maybe a better place to start is closer to the beginning. What is Port?  What makes it so different from other red wines? Why in the world would you want to spend ~that~ much money on a bottle?

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