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Day one…a few thoughts on this new venture.

Ok…here we are.  Day one of our new (semi) official blog page (along with some other pages) that hopefully will impart a little knowledge of port.

Our first attempt at blogging.  What a concept.  An online diary (of sorts) for the world to see.  I was always of the opinion that a ‘diary’ was private.  I guess this is my introduction to the world of social media.  I’ve been involved with computers for so long I’ve been thinking of changing my name to ‘Data’…but that one was taken.  And yet, to this point, I’ve never been much to become involved in Facebook or MySpace (I think I’m almost dating myself there!) or Twitter.  Email is a fact of my everyday life, and computers (their operation, lack of operation, helping the people that use and abuse them) is my job.  One that I have enjoyed for almost three decades.  But other passions have come (and some have gone as well).  One of those longer-lasting ones is Port…in all its flavors.

Myself and two of the finest people anyone could call ‘friend’ have shared this passion (and maybe one or two others…but that’s for a different blog.  ;-) )  A couple of years ago we came to the conclusion that, as much as we enjoyed port, there seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm amongst other people we knew.  Trying to get them interested (never mind excited) was difficult.  Most knew little about port other than it was sweet, usually had with dessert, expensive and just generally not their cup of tea (well Come On!  It’s PORT!!).

However, what we also discovered was that once they tried a good port…properly decanted…paired with some more unique items (chocolate to be sure, but also Stilton Cheese, olives, nuts, etc) there was a decided about-face for most people.  Eyes lit up, smiles split thier faces and glasses were pushed forward in hopes of a refill.

Thus, the Edmonton Port Authority was born.  And here we are today.  I will even admit to the fact that as I type, I have a glass of Portal Ruby Port beside me, guiding my fingers.  :-)

It is our hope that the pages we post will spur more interest in this fortified wine.  We will also try to share our personal port-related experiences as well as keeping you abreast of port availability in the city.  Our favorite liquor store is Kegs And More and a link to it will always be found on our page.  Tell Mark over there that we sent you.  ;-) With that in mind, I know he still has a couple of bottles of 1991 Dow’s Vintage Port at a Very attractive price point.

Another day retires itself and takes me with it.  Good night for now.  Please come back soon and always feel free to leave a comment or two.

~ by EPA on January 26, 2012.

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